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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  September 8, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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esteban while the continued to ahead >> the other thing the defense is going to do is proved was the michele le is dead. because she has still not been found there is a possibility that she could come back. that could also be working against their defense. >> it is the end of reported that she has spenbeen reported s not liking michelle le. information will get its way into the trial but still remains to be seen weather or not is enough to be convicted of murder. at the alameda county courthouse dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> why the air agreement was postponed outside the courtroom supporters of the family of michele le, why it is important
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for them to be there. >> we are here to support the family and to get justice served to find out the truth and what happened to michelle. we're still hoping and praying that she is alive in the no harm was done to her. we are hoping for a good outcome. >> esteban is now scheduled to be arraigned in the here were courthouse for the murder of michele lee tomorrow. stay with kron 4 as these developments are changing. kron 4 .com has updates as we continue to cover developments of the michele le. >> new details about the solar plant closing. the fbi made a surprising company this morning to execute a search warrant. what was described as a joint upper reason with the u.s. department of energy. this comes after hundreds of the employees are right for work that it told
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there were be laid off in the companies filing for vagrancy. half as rob fladeboe reports, filing for--bankruptcy. >> with the familiar blue jackets with " fbi " the team of fbi agents this morning through this solar complex early thursday. they executed a search warrant and a spokesperson would not say exactly what they're looking for. >> unfortunately i cannot go into detail on what is on the search warrant. >> what, if any connection with the bankruptcy? >> fortunately, i cannot go into any detail. >> reporter: the fbi who was a complete surprise to the company. >> the fbi cannot speculate on why they're here or what they're looking for i think it is too early to know. >> what has been the reaction of employees? >> shocking it is an interesting
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way to arrive to worked. >> one week ago they applied for bankruptcy--once a high-flying recipient of $500 billion in federal loan guarantees and a visit from president obama who praised the company's innovation enjoy of creation. 500 million-- >> a lot of speculation on what the fbi is looking for. and the investigate crimes they must be looking for evidence of a crime in fremont, rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >> you saw the slide, president barack obama wrapping up his presidential address huge stashes of thi-- >> you just saw this. grant again >> president obama is
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challenging the members of congress to pass this. if you said this once? he said about a dozen times to " pass this plan " a stimulus plan of $447 billion just two years at the and 2009 stimulus plan. president obama is urging. >> i am sending this congress a plan that you should pass right away. is called the american jobs act. there should be nothing controversial about this legislation. everything in here is the type a proposal that is been supported by both democrats and republicans. including many who sit here tonight. everything in this bill will be paid for, everything. >> pam, that generated applause but how that is going to
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happen? to say the least and the president alluded to the fact of the amount of money when the rates the debt ceiling a couple of months ago. still, it remains to be seen if the big question is congress going to pass this? we will have to see if they will. >>pam: and other developing story with protesters yet again targeting bart. it is called " no justice, no bart " j.r. stone is live. >> reporter: pamela, i was just downstairs and at this point all of there is a lot of people protesting peacefully commuters are able to get through. let me show you the main station gates are open these are some of the side exit and entrance is. some of these four different axes and
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entrances will be closed. it- exit's-- >> also if this is on one side and on the other side you can see for different suvs fifth footfall of officers. -these suv is full of officers. so far, have no rests. we do have a video of officers that a been down there for the last neighborhood of 60-90 minutes. we have been going following this protest for the fourth week in a row. we've seen these protests for the fourth consecutive week. this is being held by " no justice, no bart " they are going to be threatening to block commuters but at this
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point it has not happened. coming back up. let me regroup and mention what i said earlier. there are 30 protesters. half so far, peaceful. \ / we will keep you update sulk evening as we get them from downstairs \ reporting live in san francisco, j.r. stone, kron 4 news. if ♪ >>jacqueline: they live look mostly sunny but you can start to see those clouds a live look. --clinging to the coast. with cooler temperatures to this morning and even warm inland still. upper 80s antioch. temperatures significantly cooler 82 in los gatos. '60s and '70s for the bayshore and only 50 degrees in half moon bay. the
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change over the last 24 hours at this point look at oakland. 21 degrees cooler than just 24 hours ago 17 degrees cooler in hayward. and 16 degrees cooler in san jose. we are going to see a mixture of temperatures tomorrow really up and down. the fog will be back. it is already moving into san francisco and daly city. the healthy dose of fog tomorrow. patches of fog tomorrow and by 4:00 p.m. temperatures are going to be up and down. mild along the coast and even cool. hot inland to. details on your temperatures and the chance for thunderstorms this weekend coming up puree of hal > >> historic level flooding. and from television to the internet.
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why talk show legend paid a visit to " facebook ". >> candlestick park called the are responding to a brutal attack outside of life college football came after the 49ers /writers came in. >> new rivalry between amazon in california. details that could save you money. ♪ [ male announcer ] now lease the all-new 2011 chrysler 300 for $339 a month for well-qualified leses.
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we are getting word that there are millions of people without power in southern california and parts of arizona. so far san diego gas and electric is the spokesperson for this they do not know what caused this outage. 13 police stations are without power. millions of individuals without power in the southern california, arizona and even new mexico. the power
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outage reported in the suburbs all throughout san diego. as i mentioned, there is no word on what caused the outage but we will keep you updated on this breaking story. >>pam: a live look from washington people are still milling around with the president obamas speech it just wrapped up. we carried it, li ve. this was as american jobs act that will put americans back to work. and not add to the nations that it will involve getting people back to work. in terms of renovating, modernizing schools and infrastructure issues all run the country. the speech that will be highlighting all round this newscast. >>catherine: 100,000 people from the york, pennsylvania and
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maryland are on the run from rising rivers and creeks. from tropical storm we are making a mess and destructive, dangerous and tonight the new york gov. is warning that it is only going to get worse. >> this is going to get much worse before it gets better. anybody who was looking out there that if you think that it does not look that bad? you are mistaken. >>catherine: this is mill creek usually a six-inch creek this is some difficult to believe what you rising waters and falling rain is close to breaking records. 14 years and i've never seen it this bad. the from pennsylvania, to connecticut this is a amusement park. most of the parks are nearly under water but across the northeast homes are swamped, businesses are flooded. look at this strip
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mall. remember, this is what is left of tropical storm the just days after hurricane irene. in fact, tenn. utility is still in maryland report restoring power. >> we are still trying to get people out to save spot. life is more important in people's property. a safe spot--, a good chance that we could lose a big portion of war home to. we cannot stop it life will go on. >> the evacuations continue tonight to towns in eastern maryland art included. that reverses ising expected to crest at 41 ft. and will spur, pennsylvania. the same height as and height --wikles baurry, d pennsylvania. also the wind
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keeps sparking off this catastrophic bastro while fire and taxes for people have been killed thousands of been forced to evacuate. >> fumes from a mcdonald's restaurant in georgia say that she was from one of 10 people taken to the hospital. two people were found unconscious in the bathroom others struggling to breed. cleaning is to blame. struggling to breathe ma. the man. slaughter trial of the doctor of michael jackson is getting under way and could take longer. over half the first panel of prospective jurors were dismissed because so many people make hardship claims. the trial will take five weeks, perhaps even longer. they say
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that michael jackson was administered a lethal dose of narcotics >>jacqueline: still hot inland but inland still in the '90s tomorrow. saturday, sunday, the cooling trend will continue even inland. we are going to have a 20 percent chance of isolated thunderstorms. saturday, sunday as sub-tropical moisture makes its way up from the south. more on that and a moment but first the fog. 7:00 a.m. the fourth to the north bay and it could even impact the southern valleys. the fog tracker is showing 8:00 a.m. through san francisco, oakland
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and the north bay. still towards vallejo and back to the coast by 10:00 a.m. i do not think we're going to see too many breaks of sunshine along the golden gate. north of the golden gate plenty of sunshine. temperatures? up, down. for the morning, pretty mild. 50s and 60s notice as we go towards the afternoon, a lot of the heat coming down from the north. typical we see it from the central valley but the north bay is going to get more! fairfield. noon. get more--the pink indicating triple digit temperatures. get warm. if you're going to the north? expect very hot weather. mild with 84 degrees in san jose. the rest of the bay area with 82 in sunnyvale, 88 in los gatos 9:00 p.m. morgan hill. this is an
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area where temperatures will go a little bit. still warm inland with 98 in antioch. in pleasanton, a little bit more comfortable with 90 degrees. the east bay shores mainly in the 70's. 69 in alameda. '60s and '70s through the shore and coast but more fog expected. and in the north bay again warming temperatures is the heat comes down from the north with 88 in santa rosa, 90 in campbell. a look to your extended forecast cooler conditions expected. a chance of thunderstorms expected just a slight chance. it looks like mainly in the central valley and the sierras there will see those. please keep in mind if you about your plans? cooler conditions persist. for >> today oprah winfrey visited facebook she sat down with the
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ceo, cheryl the streaming meeting. where does she get her drive in the adjustments and the struggles it is taken from daytime talk show to the balls over owned cable network take a look. to show takes the--foster >> her 7.4 million facebook fans please welcome oprah winfrey (cheers & applause) >> what i meant when i was destined for greatness was that i always recognize that the life of for me and the calling for me was something beyond the expectations that people had and were rural mississippi i knew that there was something bigger. as the i think everybody does in one form or another if your willing to be directed by not others. >> we're not folding one show at a time to get to 600, 700 and
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then a eventually 8000 it is difficult. it is hard. >> during the interview facebook admioprah winfrey admitte zero overcoming fear. it is a lot more difficult than she ever imagined. >> often this just in the breaking news that first brought you at the top of the zero were with major power outage in southern california. top of the- our-dutch police mentioned with power outages and, san diego gas and electric just said that people should be pair with be without power throughout the night and into tomorrow. they are not saying that you not have power but remain half the on ... diego has operated its
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operations center. millions of people without power in san diego does not know what caused this outage. this is a major story and will be keeping you updated. a short break and be right back [ male announcer ] you never know when, but thieves can steal your identity. turning your life upside down in a matter of seconds. hi. hi. you know i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. you just read my mind. [ male announcer ] just one little piece of information and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money, and ruining your reputation. that's why you need lifelock. lifelock is the leader in identity theft protection. relentlessly protecting your personal information to help stop the crooks in their tracks before your identity is attacked. protecting your social security number, your bank accounts, even the equity in your home.
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>> of news around the bay a virgin american flight took an emergency landing after departing from san francisco international. it happened early. the plane was headed for in new york one had a mechanical problem it was immediately diverted to grand junction, color model. with passengers were taken off to grand junction, colorado. given a $150 credit further inconvenience. no injuries. we will be right back. úo
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team. what happened to that leading to that? >> exchanging blows. the reported started problems years ago. >> good news for shoppers and amazon a new deal between this date in the retail will save you money [ male announcer ] if you're ready to get more from your tv service,
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see for yourself why at&t u-verse is america's fastest-growing tv service. don't get left behind. [ female announcer ] at&t u-verse: tv like you've never seen before. ethel >>pam: at 5:30 it has happened again, of violence at candlestick park. after the opening season are with saturday between cal and fresno and a neutral site between the two rivals. operative wine independent promoter out of virginia. san francisco were patrolling the game it was falling into the game got out. s teresa estacio reports one fan was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: it'll happen to be kind to me and the parking lot at candlestick park. that is for san francisco police say that a victim was over by the portal potties, a fan who made the comment and then a physical confrontation. 26 year old benjamin's jiang, of san francisco. the man is who is not named was rushed to the hospital after falling to the ground with impact to his face. >> he heard a commotion and saw some people the true his attention. it turned out to be the suspect is jumping over a crowd of people. in an effort to move out of the way he saw that
5:33 pm
the victim was unconscious. members, witnesses pointed to the suspect and basically said that as them. >> this is video of the game in stands from you tube. police are not revealing of the victim or suspect or students but they were just from opposing schools. they also said that they are investigating this incident. teresa estacio, kron 4 news. >> this comes on the heels of this for all captured on video. this was in august. this happened to turn the raiders /49ers pre-season. several injuries one person was beaten and the rest room in another person was shot. increased security is promised. after the pre-susan reported. in addition new policies in the pre- seasoned--with limiting pre-
5:34 pm
tailgating with only four games and no more posting parties. we are continuing to follow the developments of president obamas address on the jobs in the economy grant lotus. we are talking about a 44 $7 billion plan. almost 450 billion dollars. president obama wants to pay with a combination of tax increases, spending cuts and cuts to medicare and medicaid. tonight, he urged congress to help our tire unemployment situation and he says it starts with the middle class. >> pass this jobs bill and the typical working family will get a $1,500 tax break this year. it would have been taken out of your pocket will go into your pocket. this expands on the
5:35 pm
democrats that they already passed for this year. if we allow that tax cut to res expir and refuse to act middle class families would it have impacted of the worst time. many of you have sworn oaths to never raise taxes on anybody that you have lived now is not a time to carve out an exception and not for his middle-class taxes which is what you should pass this bill right away. >> reporter: so giving tax breaks to hire veterans and people would of been unemployed for more than six months. the long term of unemployed and an extension of unemployment benefits, payroll tax breaks for small businesses-that money for education and road construction. >>pam: republicans have accused congress of killing jobs with its economic crisis under the
5:36 pm
bushes ministration that armacost 1 million american jobs before press and obamas took office. >> here is a three year look at the job losses month by month. there were averaging 700,000 by the end of the bush a fenestration. the caseload of the new presidency. and 2010, the red adding shops but many were due to hiring by the census bureau. the rest of the year was disappointing. this year had more games but not very big. his last month, had zero growth. civilian jobs in august was offset by a loss of 70,000 government jobs. now, the unemployment rate. 17,000--jobs. >> currently, it is just at 9% and the labor department reported that unemployment claims were up a little bit.
5:37 pm
half just a taste of what he is facing. if additional resources on our website. check kron 4 .com >> let us go back to our developing story involving aboar part protest--j.r. stone is live with our bart, protest >> reporter: let me show you these issues are filled with officers. at least five in each suv. what we know in the last 10 minutes is that the bart station has been closed. take a look. those gates are shot. all exit's and entrance to the station. some volunteers up in the distance. i can tell you there are 40 different protesters chanting and walking in circles.
5:38 pm
at one point it was a shoulder to shoulder with a number of people down there. that is likely one of the reasons it was difficult to get anywhere powerhouse that one. the sergeant gave the signal and closed it down. either you are leaving were getting arrested that is when i promptly left. i know at this point at least one a rest has been made but those numbers have coulcould changed.s is a store that we are still in top of. but bart station is closed right now. let me stand out of the way. some of these protesters might be out of the way i can not seem to make out what is going on but i will get back to you on this store shortly. pamela, cool to rea >>jacqueline: off live look. with fog on the coast spilling into the bayshore. as we speak.
5:39 pm
this was the reason why we cooled down so much. currently, only 65 degrees in oakland 67 in hayward. remember just yesterday these locations are in the 80s and 90s. 76 in san jose. even cooler than what we saw yesterday. take a look the difference unless 24 hours profound. with 21 degrees cooler. 18 degrees cooler in oakland, 17 degrees cooler in mountain view, 16 degrees below the readings in san jose. much more comfortable. as we go towards tomorrow fog expected with wind and a wide range. mild for most locations, hot inland and cool on the coast. cooler conditions will continue with a twitter percent chance of storms
5:40 pm
bay-area wide. a 20 percent chance of storms-with a detail on your extended forecast coming up and we will be back after this.
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>> an update to the breaking news we've been telling you about out of southern california with a major power outage. many people without power and even mexico and the san diego gas and electric have just south that this is caused by a system breakdown in. it is not the result of a terror attack. it is not been confirmed but credible information. new york, d.c. this is just coming days before the 10th anniversary of 911. the power plant has been shut down
5:44 pm
as well as protocols of major electric issues. people reportedly stuck in elevators in millions in southern california and mexico could be without power. into tomorrow that is the latest. on another note, 13 police stations are without power. we will keep you updated on this story. >> a look at stocks they closed slightly lower. rob black is here. basically what ben bernanke >> he did not promise anything. pushing back to congress the " i've done my job. no new deals out of washington. >> you mention congress. and what was your take. am i have to
5:45 pm
give it to wall street. a great speech, a passionate but i am not politically correct it was a reelection speech. that is just a dream that is not going to happen that congress will pass them out. they are going to have to tax the rich and of the medicare. it is politically unpopular. some of the proposals although bipartisan are just not feasible. >> that is a concern. for some you mentioned that some of this was his follow up next week. >> he is going to go back to what he said to john boehner and how much can we cut out? how can we cut the excess spending. again, we will know in more than
5:46 pm
one week i expect a >> rob, will likely be good? for the average family small business. >> these are all key phrases that he threw out. and i do not know how that is going to get past the courts. if i get a tax credit is not sound right it was a crazy speech. it was fun but many of it is going to follow up on his deficit spending cuts plans. and also increasing on medicare reform. he knows it, but many know it. >> amazon is a loser getting a brake on the tex lazar. >> you know, they are kind of
5:47 pm
the loser because they extended it. basically it is a delay until 2012. they are the loser in we're ultimately the winning. best buy. they cannot compete with the on-line presence of an amazon company. best buy with a two-year low even after the servants certain see large companies are doing business is online at they do not have the extraordinary overall of businesses. >> thank you, rob. >> to take a live look outside the fog rolling in over the hills. look at that blanket. with high clouds in the upper part of the sky. through most of the bay area we will continue to
5:48 pm
see that with the thunderstorm. maurice to coming in from the south but first, tomorrow at a glance. as we go towards the afternoon of the fog pushes back into the afternoons. they will stay comfortable in the south bay. also warming a little bit with temperatures coming down. taking a look at the fog. to the north bay, and in 78 com also edging into our inland valleys. it will press back to san francisco in the immediate bayshore. and back to the coastline but for the immediate hours we could see bayshore clearing but still uncertain to the south bay. these computer models will give us more information as tomorrow progresses. with cooling parts of the inland valleys walnut creek not that much cooler with
5:49 pm
danville, walnut creek still hot in antioch in pittsburgh. for the east bay, many 70's the 60s in berkeley, alameda. with a cooler temperatures on the coast with upper 50s. in the north bay, warming up quite a bit. 80s in santa rosa. a look a your extended forecast for the cooling trend continuing. a 20 percent chance of isolated storms things to the subtropical moisture. >> the 10th year anniversary is only a few days away. nearly 3000 people lost their work lives. we spoke to a pacific resident that was there. >> tom was on the 61st floor of the south tower when the first plane hit the north tower he did not hear the crash and did not
5:50 pm
know anything was wrong and to lease of debris floating in the air. >> it was like the tickertape but the ticker tape was on fire. >> between the 1993 bombing he immediately evacuated his group from the building. >> the time that saved our lives. >> by the time the second plane he and his group had made it to the 50th floor 20 stories behind low of the impact. >> the impact cracked the building. it was completely swinging and at one. this is going to go down it is going to extreme in one direction and i remember vividly thinking you know, this might be it. i might not have another christmas, i might not see my wife again.
5:51 pm
>> reporter: tom and his friend started taking photographs. >> there were a lot of areas where we could not see it because it was difficult to brief. >> there are injuries. >> this is tom in the crowd after one minute getting out of the tower. >> it was a record tie cannot believe it. >> this is after he was evaluating though plaza. he describes it does look. >> it is a second look -looka scikened, look. >> after 10 minutes he got out he sought the stories collapse. >> tom was able to get away from the construction physically unharmed but the confusion is still difficult to recall.
5:52 pm
>> i could have been one of them. >> coming to that experience h been first best person he can be. >> the value of life is really intensified after an experience like this. >> maureen kelly, kron 4 news.
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>> good news for amazon shoppers. >> under this if it could delay taxing for at least one more year. in return amazon as agreed to drop its battle to overturn the state's new law that would require other of the state online retailers to collect taxes. >> this is going to be a big story between amazon and
5:56 pm
california. amazon is going to try to lobby congress to get a federal law passed. if they make that happen. that would overrule anything the california tries to enforce them on the future. for now, you can still tax-free shopping on amazon by, until september 2012.
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>> a live picture of our developing story. the bart station closed with one arrest the complete update coming up at 6:00 p.m. we will be right back. ...humbling. show where you're going without forgetting where you're from. ♪ now lease the all-new 2011 chrysler 300 for $339 a month for well-qualified lessees.
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to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ >> pass this jobs bill and we can put people back to work rebuilding america. >> the test passed his new jobs bill how he plans on getting the
6:02 pm
country back to work. >> the fbi is investigating a bankrupt-free solar plant what fbi agents are looking for. >> another bart protest hope it is impacting tonight's commute. >> breaking news. >> an update to that breaking news story that we brought you days before the 10th anniversary of 911. credible but unconfirmed threat to the u.s. homeland. as we approached new york, thwashington d.c. is heightened. president obama was free to just before he delivered his jobs speech tonight. he was briefed--it is not an eminent
6:03 pm
threat. important dates in anniversary. maybe you remember the intelligence panel? >>pam: the part protest this time at the paul j.r. stone who. >> at this point we know at least two different people that were rested. you can c and the distance this is one of the entrances. that people were arrested. >> it has spent close for about 15-20 minutes. it has been closed--one of those protesters have been are arrested i was witnessing this. the police said
6:04 pm
that either you get out or you were going to get arrested. >> with 40, 50 protesters were walking in circles. commuters had difficulty getting through. the was one the park police made the decision to clear out the station. a arrest anybody. you can see those people iit is why this is still closed. out here, live those people that works for bart and the distance telling people that this station is closed. use the civic center or the montgomery station. i spoke with a lot of commuters and many of them have been growing frustrated. with the frustration of police brutality. reporting live, j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> we brought this live just an
6:05 pm
hour ago president obama is presenting his jobs plan to a joint session in congress. 44 $7 billion jobs plan. the pros and was to pave and with tax increases, spending cuts and cut into medicare, medicaid. details on those numbers are expected on monday. the speech tonight urged congress to help our dire unemployment situation. he wants washington to end this political circus and do what is right for the americans. >> maybe if you decide that only those differences can be decided at the ballot. no with the s thaelection is 14 months . to know this. people. but hired us, they do not have the people waiting 14 months. they do not
6:06 pm
have the luxury of waiting 14 months. >> reporter: he is looking for providing tax breaks for the hiring of long-term unemployment and hiring american veterans. extension apparel business tax cuts and also money forfeit >> and f.b.i. surprise visit in fremont. the team of fbi agents were sprawling over this small campus. they were armed with search warrants. it is part of a joint operation between the fbi in the u.s. department of energy. they filed for bankruptcy last week and laid off 1100 workers after receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in guaranteeing federal loans. the fbi would not say exactly what they're looking for but
6:07 pm
legal analyst says that the fbi is probably looking at the bank records. >> it is always going to start with bankruptcy. in this case you have a company that has taken $500 million in loans. that, cannot just disappear. search warrants were executed today and the fbi has to go to a judge or a grand jury. they have to find probable cause that a crime has been committed worth investigate what could potentially be a crime. where each and dollar went. that came into the company, went into their account and then went out. add to this day and age it is easy to trace money. unless they're handing out cash which is highly unlikely than they are going to trace that money. they're going to look for letters, internal e-mails between executives, management about the health of the company
6:08 pm
and anything else that they can find. while executing a search warrant that will establish what went wrong. >> a former prosecutor of white- collar crime the fbi is also going to look at executive compensation. >> and one person is in critical condition after a breeze in shooting at the balboa park bart station. two cars were driving on the geneva when the suspects got out and opened fire. investigators say that at least 10, 20 shots were fired. the victims' vehicle crashed into a crosswalk injuring a muni worker. we are told that she is fine but experiencing some pain they have not release a -description they believe the this is gang- related. >> latest on this michelle le
6:09 pm
arrest. esteban, her friend was arrested a... first, haazig madyun we spoke to the brother of michele le. >> reporter: at the hayward courthouse with the arraignment the judges is postponing mess with medical reasons. >> if obviously, we want this to be as swift as possible but i just spoke with the team of the district attorney and realistically could could take a while. that is difficult for us. that is all i really have to say >> reporter: fact reporting come off haazig madyun >> is going to be difficult without a body. for the prosecution.
6:10 pm
>> term the court a judge concerned and confirmed that esteban is pregnant that is one thing that is going to be difficult for prosecutors to convict her of the murder of michele le. >> a fairly petite female that was pregnant and according to the prosecution committed a murder, and disposed of the body, the murder weapon also disposed of that. without any problems? i think they're going to attack that ferry and say that it was just not possible. >> reporter: there will show that she was in the parking structure before and after her disappearance and least blood flow was found and the d n a was found on esteban is a shoe during a search warrant at the home. >> significant and certainly enough for an arrest. >> former prosecutor and
6:11 pm
criminal defense prosecutors say that a convincing 12 members of the jury is going to take a lot more than that. >> the defense will not have to do much just sit back and attack the fact that there is nobody in perhaps no murder weapon of you have is a motive and opportunity. does that get you beyond a reasonable doubt? >> reporter: it has been reported that various media outlets offer dislike of michele lee and how she led to the breakup of relationship. legal analysts say that this is likely the of this information will make its way into the trial. it will remain to be seen if it is enough to convict esteban of murder. at the alameda county courthouse dan kerman, kron 4 news. >>catherine: coming up massive flooding. it is not over yet the devastation wild fire continues
6:12 pm
overtaxes the update on how many acres are toward. texas-- wildfires. >>jacqueline: details on your cooler weekend forecast jennifer. jennifer. whoa. wow. ha! she's so pretty. yeah. or, we give it to kyle. it's really all he's got. [ male announcer ] switch to at&t u-verse and record four shows all at the same time. just $29 a month for 6 months. at&t.
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6:15 pm
>> this just in to the kron 4 news network. now, two months and people are without power in the southern california and parts of arizona to million people--this is video. 2 million people the gridlock san diego gas and electric believe the outage was reported by a system breakdown. they are assuring that it has nothing to do with the terror attack. there is an unconfirmed but mentioning york
6:16 pm
and washington d.c. but they hit have but that this is nothing to do with the systematic problem. --nothing with a terrorist impact it is just a systematic problem. oakland has to do for in southwest flights have been cancelled. san diego has also flights canceled. southwest flights. this nuclear power plant in the southern california has also been shut down. that is protocol. when there is a major electric issue. and different parts. from yuma, arizona and parts of mexico over 100 degrees. san diego and not nearly as extreme. low 80s. millions of people and that a southern california and arizona are without power. system-wide,
6:17 pm
officials cannot remember the last time there is been a failure like this so widespread. people to be prepared to be without power and throughout tonight and tomorrow. that is the latest and we will continue to bring in the latest. >> in russia, 43 people killed in a plane crash on wednesday. among them the most popular hockey teams were traveling to a game. this tragedy is prompting a three day remembrances and delaying the start of the hockey season. family, friends, loyal fans grieved at a memorial service. >> we will grief and remember forever we do not need others i feel so sorry for those guys they have children will all support come within our powers. it is such a pity. (translator) >> people do not know what
6:18 pm
caused an outcry buthey found the recorders. they say all of the bodies have been recovered. >>catherine: national news central texas progress for those huge wild fires. 1400 homes destroyed. bastrup has been raging for days the converted jet liners to make drops of fire retardant. continuing concern with windy weather. different in the northeast with extreme flooding. causing nightmares this was the scene in philadelphia. ariels. to give you an idea of how flooded these roads are, with major backups. many schools had to be shut down and thousands are without power.
6:19 pm
with rain pounded cities and amusement park in pennsylvania. thousands of people of been evacuated in the north east. this is expected to crest above the level this weekend in some spots. most of the evacuations of then and wilkes bary, pa.. this is a strip mall they are facing the worst flooding since the 1930's and 1940's. 20 dozen city have been evacuated. the new york governor is sounding the alarm that--20,000 people have been a vacuum from that city. >> if you are and an evacuation area? evacuate null and evacuate quickly as i mentioned this is not going to get any better it is going to get worse, to not look out and think that it is not going to get that bad saudelli.
6:20 pm
>> by the time it gets that bad you will not be able to leave. >>catherine: evacuation 7:smoot but it could be days. parts of the new england are getting full of flood waters, this is new jersey. this rainy weather could continue for the next couple of days. >>jacqueline: much cooler for us with our current conditions hot in antioch but cooler inland. low 80s. 60s for the bay shore. 20 degrees cooler than yesterday with 50s close to the coast. stronger sea breezes pushing fog back in. what is expected for the next couple of days fall expected and more widespread. from mild to hot. this cooling trend will continue with the
6:21 pm
chance for thunderstorms bay- area wide. cooler weather on top for next week. the fog tomorrow will be more widespread pushing into the dull thud and towards the inland valleys. by 7:00 a.m., to the coast in the north bay and the media be short by 8:00 a.m. and then back into san francisco with the coast late morning hours. breaks of sunshine to the north. conditions are going to range from coal to mild to hot. 90's for the inland valleys, 70's for the bayshore and parts of the bayshore 88 in los gatos. to the north, we are going to see some warming in santa rosa. 85 degrees in napa and 90's in fairfield 65 in richmond. a cooling trend for the weekend with the chance of storms a 20
6:22 pm
percent chance of isolated thunderstorms this weekend. the subtropical moisture makes its way into the bay area. make sure that if you have of your plans consistent pattern of cooler temperatures. stay with us, we will be back after this
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
from amoncontingency plans for e protesters. they're going to regroup above ground and go to another bart station. if they approach you? to document any intersection. let me show you this video " no justice " of bart wanted to keep this buwill
6:26 pm
outlining these guidelines for a peaceful protest. they did not want any arrests. leave your comments on weather or not these protest had been in effect a or a waste of time. we will be back after this. experience premium style and best-in-class rear legroom. surprisingly priced at $16,495. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease a 2011 jetta s for just $179 a month. visit today.
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>> president obama is urging congress to pass his new jobs plan. a joint session of congress that unemployment crisis needs to be ended. to end his political circus. >> i reject the idea that we need to ask to choose people between jobs and their safety. we should not be a race to the bottom. americans should be at the race to the top and i believe that we can win that race. >> the president wants to pay for this 44 7 billion with cuts to medicare, medicaid and also to give tax breaks to employers that are hiring people for long- term unemployment is. and also payroll taxes for small businesses. education for
6:33 pm
businesses, education, road construction. >> live in san francisco the bart station is closed. you can see in the distance. there issus it still a heavy police presence. six arrests have been conducted. this is a closed station right now. let me show you video because there is at least one of the protesters. i was actually down their moments before that was shot and the protesters were chanting. still very upset. at one point it was a shoulder to shoulder the amount of people that were
6:34 pm
downstairs. police came down there and said that we are closing the station you believe or you are going to get arrested. six arrests have been made. out here, you can see the board employees how much is this costing the city? in the last four weeks with the police per tell the. it is costing the city $300,000, and muni $70,000. who will continue to give you that latest when this opens back up. reporting live in san francisco, j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> in san francisco and a breeze in the shooting sending one person to the hospital he is reasogeneva near san jose - bran should this car hit this fence
6:35 pm
and this poll. insuring a muni bus driver she is doing find the shooting victim is in critical condition. a third vehicle was caught at the driver was not injured and not the intended target. they believe that this is gang-related. >> another big story violence at candlestick park. after a football game this after the opener last saturday between a verbal argument in the parking lot turning physical. a victim was punched, hit his head on the ground and was rushed to the hospital after a life- threatening injury. they are investigating in investigating and i rested a 26 rolled san francisco resident. and also-26 year old san francisco resident was are rested and investigating
6:36 pm
the about of security. >> this sort power federal subsidized company that filed for the groups to the fbi swarmed this complex earlier today executing a search warrants. they would not say exactly what they are looking for but the remaining people are surprised but they are also cooperating. this ongoing investigation. in fremont, rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >> the alameda county courthouse esteban is accused of murdering michele l le. the judge is meeting with medical professionals because of a pregnancy. if the judge says that she cannot return to court until she is cleared by medical professionals. at this point we do not know when that will be. the earliest will be friday at 2:00 p.m. at the alameda county
6:37 pm
courthouse, kron 4 news. >> continuing our lme dick coverag off-the postponement ofs was troublesome for the family, brother of michele le. >> we want this to the swiftest possible i just spoke with a team member from the prosecuting team. they say that it might take a while and that is frustrating for us. >> reporter: reporting in hayward, if haazig madyun kron 4. ♪ >>jacqueline: this controllcoolg trend will continue--with places that are also warm to be warmer. bradley up, down. still dealing with fog in the morning- will the up and down. a cooler weekend. and cooler along the bayshore but the chance for storms on saturday and sunday. first, temperatures. we are
6:38 pm
going to see 80s. in the south bay, and a little bit warmer than what we saw with 70's expected in oakland, and 98 inland! also warm in santa rosa, 90 degrees in fairfield. 65 degrees in san francisco the satellite/radar notice the moisture. not quite impacting the bay but the idea is that it could make it into the bay area this weekend. the chance for storm saturday, sunday. your cool forecast with a trend of unstable conditions, cloudiness and cloudy conditions next week. we will be back.
6:39 pm
no. if if fair heflin phew faia blunt interview disce
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issue from means her on the board even after being fired.
6:42 pm
have she recalls how the chairman fred from a script when he fired her over the phone. henceforth i think that if it scrapped if.there were so spook. sheen and intends to remain on the board, she was fired over the phone, the person reportdly workreading from a script. 7-eln is also reporting that it could be teaming up with amazon and even lockers. those lockers will
6:43 pm
be used for items purchased from amazon. into 7-eleven. no, from 7-eleven. no comment, from 711.
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>> the n f l has lost one of its most of the ballplayers. he is not only a great player he is practically coaching. calling his own please. he had gone up under a second and neck surgery calling his own bench plays it will not be a surprise if he does not play this will be his third surgery and last 19 months. already announced that over to wonder 20 consecutive games. it could be the season for peyton manning. if you thought the collegiate level
6:47 pm
stanford u.s. sea.--usc, they mt midfield cora is your deal carroll is in his second season and got out just in time. how good will they be without their quarterback? >> your coach is going at it to tune in to see what they're going to go prior to the game, after the game. everything that has been said before it has been well documented and over documented. is it really that exciting? that interesting to
6:48 pm
find out what they're going to talk about? >> i do not care either but the translation is that they hate each other. the rain delay in u.s. open. >> and he has that personality. that i them a little bit smarter than you. [laughter] >> and this is football. and i will tell them this rain delayed u.s. open the men's final will be on monday. williams got her match and today. and you are correct, cam guard actiothat thm kardsashian, seena, serena and mcenroe called in to promote his
6:49 pm
event. he couldn't just walk through but he was very good. -- he was just very good. >> a i heard you mentioning it earlier. last night we featured the furrrace from golden gate be we feature though furry yesterday, today, the rolex today. over 100 teams are racing. if this is also the site of the 2000 world championship of the rolex big event. >> the pigboat to serious in its 47th year shows with the sport is all about. particularly with this natural beauty and the theater is for this sport.
6:50 pm
amphitheater-to-one the america's cup vessels are here. it is going to be funny because one of vern set up the for our referraria nd the rolex, memo oe of the low no holds barred journalists. we always show him arguing with the officials. >> i am wearing the exact same shirt. >> same as when they got in the face of the raiders, next.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
# >> he is the best at what he does. he is getting tired. >> i only see this when i get
6:54 pm
here lot >> yes. and we can see how diffitough you are. --is he goig to make it? ward off the bat do you think he will be messed? >> alex smith is his quarterback. i think this could be a holding pattern. i think he is just trying to hold on and get to 2 this season. in is going to be difficult because he is not free with the were media. not perhaps giving him to warm charm but i kind of like him. but that is not his thing. >> i think the deal is that his coaches you have to least pretend. >> he is not going to make that move. >> he is going to be more difficult to fire. fans love
6:55 pm
him. and there would like to see him when the orange bowl. coaches go with him towards stanford. >> you mentioned alex smith. here we are, and maybe let us just pretend that he is not injured do you see him playing 16 games. >> i do not know who is behind the net is the problem. they might not have a choice. a tough situation. they might have to find somebody else. >> if the wait one week? >> to bring in somebody else a little bit later i do not think that.. >> you have a reservoir of information has there ever been a quarterback in the n f l. seven years, won the team and he keeps coming back.
6:56 pm
>> certainly not a first round draft war with expectations. maybe if he was a rookie guy and then got six additional years? that is amazing and very unique situation. most of the time they are out of the league. and just a couple of years but it does not usually happened it is an amazing stretch. that alex wants to stay here in the first place i thought he was going to want to start somewhere else. the first game at candlestick! it is going to be allowed. >> the with the media looks now there is certainly.. but if i was going to root for a team? is he for real? >> he is a good offensive game guy. we will see if he is a good coach for the raiders. that
6:57 pm
could be the most difficult. he is to remember what l. davis brings some of it is good. maybe a fine line between and sanity and coaching you could for the bad guy? >> 10 seconds you were packing the eagles? >> yes the eagles over the ravens i think it is their turn. if they do not get it? i love their offensive. >> if the eagles bombed? >> thank you come mt. tam.
6:58 pm
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why ryan o'neal is blaming oprah for his feud with his daughter, tatum. >> who is now calling russell armstrong's beverly hills suicide, murder. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >> "the insider" is on. >> from the minute i got the call, i knew that it was not suicide. >> russell's sister's murder claim -- >> i don't know if it was business or the


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